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Australian photographer Rob Hanson Photography. Capturing life and the landscape through the lens of my camera.

Rob Hanson Photography

Australian Photographer

I am a photographer and I photography everything. My passions are wildlife and landscape photography. There is something special about taking the time and the effort to capture a scene. Sometimes I will sit and wait in a single spot for hours, just waiting for the right moment or the perfect light.

Photography is also more about the experience of taking photos more than the actual photo. It is a lifestyle and it is a passion. And photography is extremely therapeutic and almost spiritual in its process.

I am often asked if I will photograph peoples weddings. And I am totally happy to say that I will absolutely not photograph your wedding. I am not a wedding photographer and I have no interest in looking after stressed out brides or grooms on their wedding day. But I am however happy to recommend Wedding Photographer Hunter Valley for any wedding photography. They photographed by brothers wedding and the photos were fantastic.

Rob Hanson

Portrait Photography

Rob Hanson Photography - People and Portraits

While I do consider myself a landscape and wildlife photographer, I do offer portrait photography as a service. I have a good understanding of light and therefore I can put you into nice light and get some good headshots and portraits of yourself.

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