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Rob Hanson

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As an escapee from the left-brained corporate culture of the 80s and 90s, I set out to find an outlet for my more creative inclinations. Having a keen visual sense, I looked for various ways to demonstrate my vision. Over the years, I moved through a number of phases and media, including writing and fine woodworking, and eventually discovered that photography allowed for a more complete expression than anything else I had tried. Combining my experience in the computer field with developing an artistic eye for seeing the world proved to be the perfect match.

I try to bring a unique perspective to my photography, along with a strong desire to make my images as close to perfect as possible. Often using HDR processing techniques in order to gather as much light from a scene as possible, my attention to detail in post-processing helps to reach that goal. With new techniques and technologies continuing to unfold, it seems as though there are always new avenues to explore.

I’m currently living in Australia and am also a partner in Integral Illusions, LLC, a decorative paint and plaster company. I am available for photography assignments — the more unusual, the better — and I’m always willing to consider travelling, especially to places like Bora Bora and Fiji. When I’m not out gathering new photo brackets, I like to camp, hike, kayak, or go kayak surfing in my spare time. Or else, I’ll sit down with a good friend to discuss matters of philosophy.

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